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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now, the chief calls it a crisis a shortage of police officers. she says it could have an impact on public safety in the district. plus a smash and grab caught on camera.
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the high-end goods the thief got away with. an apology from one of the students in oklahoma who led that. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> we begin tonight with weather. you go outside tonight, and you think you're in the bass kerr vis. you can hear the rounds howling out there. >> let's get right to doug. what are we in for tomorrow? >> a little bit in the way of rain out there right now. that rain will continue through much of the night tonight, then tomorrow i think we could see a little bit more. let's show you what's happening. storm team 4 radar picking it up very well coming through portions of northern virginia fairfax, prince william, then into south maryland some of the heaviest coming in through the district. back to the west though a little bit of a reprieve from the weather. but notice where this moisture's comeing from. all from the gulf coast. look at all this moisture down to the south. we'll see that moisture train moving right into our area
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through the day tomorrow. something else we're watching out for, fog. i'll let you know how that shakes out for the morning commute plus the next storm on the horizon in a moment. to an issue that could have an impact on public safety in the city. the police department facing a shortage of officers. >> the chief is calling it a crisis. says hundreds of officers are going to be leaving the force this year. jackie bensen is headquarters tonight with the details on this. jacks? >> reporter: the police union have been warning people about this for years, warning the council. now it's reached a crisis level. d.c. police chief cathy lanier told the hearing that the department's hiring can't keep up with the rate of retirements and officers quitting. lanier said she's looking to civilianize 100 positions to alleviate the problem, but she acknowledged that more than 300 officers left the department last year and more than 400 are expected to leave this year.
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>> by the end of 2015 61% of our assistant chiefs commanders and inspectors will be eligible to retire. more than one-third of lieutenants and detectives and almost one-third of sergeants will be eligible to retire. this is the result of the retirement bubble which i've been briefing the council about as long as i've been chief. >> reporter: a member of the council's judiciary committee spoke to news 4 by phone tonight. >> we want to ensure the department maintains its high standards for hiring quality officers. while we look at the hiring bubble and there's a need to hire more officers we don't want to sacrifice quality for the sake of hiring quickly. >> reporter: the district not alone in this. many major u.s. cities are facing this same problem. back to you. developing tonight utah is just one step away from becoming the only state to allow death by firing squad. the state senate passed a bill that reinstates this penalty. more than a decade after it was
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banned. it would require the state to use a firing squad if lethal injection drugs are not available 30 days before the execution. it now goes to the governor for signing, and he says he will sign it. that is the sound of somebody stealing what could amount to hundreds perhaps even thousands of dollars in custom clothing. d.c. police just released this video. it shows a guy who broke into a showroom on 14th street northwest last wednesday. that store sells custom suits that start at about $800 apiece. the guy left with arms full of clothing. there's a $1,000 reward for information on this. and new tonight, d.c. police are also investigating a wave of burglaries in a northeast neighborhood. according to the police reports, there were four home burglaries within a span of just nine hours yesterday near 19th and maryland avenue.
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during that time a car was stolen just a few blocks away. no word tonight if those crimes are related. plus other developments a man accused of threatening to shoot president obama in the name of isis. today, federal prosecutors filed a motion to restrict phone access for a man named christopher cornell. he's been locked ohio since january. cornell made a phone call from jail to a tv station. he's quoted saying if he had made it to washington he would have tried to shoot the president. the fbi initially arrested him for an alleged plot to shoot up the u.s. capitol. a 15-year veteran of the hagerstown police department is in trouble tonight after he was arrested for drunk driving. investigators say the officer was driving down u.s. 40 near clear spring maryland on saturday when he crossed the center line and hit another car. no one was hurt and no word tonight if the officer was in his cruiser at the time of that crash. there will be no jail time for a former contractor who
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admitted to sexually assaulting a girl on a campus of a middle school. prosecutors say surveillance video shows john epps touching a 12-year-old girl on the backside in a hallway at baker middle school in damascus last october. today epps pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and fourth-degree sex offense. he'll be put on probation for five years, serve no jail time though, as part of the plea deal he will be listed as -- on that is the maryland sex offender registry for 15 years. and an update on a story that had hundreds of drivers stuck on i-95 tonight. tonight -- or today, rather a single driver is now charged in that huge mess that led to a 7-hour-long shutdown of i-95 in prince george's county near the icc. police say a man in a ford focus cut off another driver and that created a chain reaction that ended with that massive fuel
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tanker flipping over near route 198. all lanes of 95 are back open. some members of the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity have a couple hours now to get out of their house on the campus of the university of oklahoma. two frat members are the ones apparently seen leading the racist chant in the video that surfaced yesterday. the parents of levi petit released an apology for their son. they read in part and i quote, he's a good boy, but what we saw in those videos is disgusting. the second student is named parker rice. he released his own statement of apology in which he said quote, this is a devastating lesson. i'm seeking guidance on how i can learn from this and make sure that it never happens again. hillary rodham clinton has to face some more tough questions about her use of personal e-mail.
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the chairman investigating the terror attacks in benghazi says he's going to call clinton to testify at least twice. one of those times will focus solely on addressing her e-mail. but clinton says she has nothing to hide. >> i feel that i've taken unprecedented steps to provide these work-related e-mails. they're going to be in the public domain. >> the former secretary of state said she used that personal e-mail out of convenience, but in hindsight wishes she had used a government account. and the news 4 i-team has learned a private e-mail address believed to belong to former secretary of defense chuck hagel may have received official e-mails during his time in office. hagel used two blackberries two more personal e-mail one for government e-mail. the i-team obtained this e-mail and it appears to include the private gmail address. a pentagon official tell us on
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some limited occasions an e-mail may have been sent to or from the wrong account. the white house declined to say why or how often it sent official e-mails to that gmail account. a former star with the baltimore ravens is joining maryland's emotional debate over a right to die bill. o.j. brigetts has lou gehrig's disease. today he urged lawmakers in the state to reject the measure. david collins has our report. >> reporter: former ravens football star linebacker opposes legislation giving the terminally ill with six months to live the right to end their lives on their own terms. he was able to testify with the help of a computer. >> the days have been challenging, of course.y life so i have no right to negate my life. >> reporter: he played in the raven's first super bowl win, he joined the front office before
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being diagnosed with a.l.s. in 2007. >> with the use of no hands i was able to write a book two years ago. i can't tell you of the numerous people who have been encouraged through their own personal struggle because i decided to face any struggle against a.l.s. >> reporter: 80 people signed up to testify for and against the death with dignity bill. a qualified patient would have to be a terminally ill adult with six months to live declared competent, a maryland resident and self-administer the prescription overdose. the patient would have to ask the doctor twice then a third time in writing witnessed by two others. >> to me this issue is about our humanity. it's also about freedom. it's about honoring wishes. it's about options. >> i don't know how many days i have left to live but each and every one has a purpose. >> maryland's governor hogan
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said he's taking a serious look at the measure but has not reached a decision on whether he'll sign it. only five states currently have a right to die measure in place. next at 11:00. ♪ the song was a hit, but it was not an original. tonight, we'll hear reaction to the $7.3 million verdict that claimed two pop stars stole the song from marvin gaye. also new details about what the secret service is doing over the white house at night and the major challenge they face. hundreds wait in line in the rain so that they can get a summer job. i'm shomari stone. i'll tell you all about it.
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♪ i know you want it ♪ ♪ i know you want it ♪ >> one of the biggest songs of 2013 "blurred lines" today a jury ruled it was a rip-off of marvin gaye's song "got to give it up." you may agree. >> we do. >> the court ruled that they owe marvin gaye's kids 7.3 billion. >> i'm so filled with emotion right now that it's hard to get the words out. but this was a miracle.
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>> the song "blurred lines" came in the heart and soul of pharrell williams and no one else. >> the lawyer for williams and thicke says the musicians have options to fight the ruling and they'll consider those options in the coming weeks. well your ride home could be a lot quicker by the end of the month if you take the bus as you commute in virginia. today vdot announced a pilot program that will allow buses drive on the shoulder of some sections of i-66. you can expect that see that extra shoulder traffic starting on march 23rd. we've put a map of those bus routes on just search i-66. for the last several weeks the secret service has been testing how to stop drones from fly ing flying near the white house, and they've been doing it at night. those late-night tests are in response to a drone that did land on the white house lawn accidentally back in january. details of the tests are being classified. experts say one of the big
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challenges is figuring out how to disable drones without interfering with other devices with similar frequencies, such as planes at nearby national airport. a lot of d.c. students need summer jobs a hundreds of them showed up tonight to sign up for the summer jobs program. there was frustration as the building closed leaving them waiting out in the rain. shomari stone reports. >> reporter: as rain falls over dunbar high school in northwest d.c. another form of frustration forms in this line. >> i'm annoyed and mad because i've been standing out here for like two hours. >> reporter: 2,000 students waited many with their parents, to secure spots for summer jobs on the last day for the marion berry summer youth employment program. 13,000 teens have already signed up. the rain plus tonight's deadline is a bad combination. >> they did not give any
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instruction. everyone is standing out here angry, and it's disorganized. i'm ready to go home. >> reporter: most of the confusion started when dunbar high school closed at 7:00 tonight. the city brought this mobile command center and these folked lined up over here so they could give their information to gt a job. >> i thought it was going to be inside the whole process. >> we apologize for any confusion. >> reporter: the city has added three more days allowing teens to bring their documents showing residency, photo i.d. and birth certificate. >> i'm happy to know i have two jobs now. >> reporter: after two hours, she gave her documents and she looks forward to her summer job. she just hopes it's easier next year. >> it shouldn't be this complicated. they should have everything all together and planned out. >> reporter: in northwest d.c. i'm shomari stone, news 4. i was walking through adams morgan tonight with a dinner with a golf umbrella and that wasn't even enough. >> that's the big umbrella i
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talk about. you needed that big umbrella because we had rain out there tonight. that rain actually put a damper out towards clarindon. the mardi gras pa ray was going on. you say mardi gras was that a month ago? that parade was postponed due to the snowstorm. the same thing happened last year. they postponed it twice. they were not able to get it done. the dog has the right idea getting those bead. not sure what he had to do for them. the rain ul up and down the 95 corridor. but you notice back to the west leesburg frederick, winchester starting to see the rain stop. but still down towards waldorf into northern calvert county around sunderland over towards deale, bowie, krofton, annandale and clinton maryland.
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all seeing some of that rain. still down towards woodbridge too. that's all moving off to the east. that's one wave that continues to move on out. that's the heaviest rain. you see what's happening here. all of this rain coming up from the gulf of mexico but you also notice a little progression down to the south. that's the warm front that is also trying to make its way across our region. that will also sag south overnight and by tomorrow morning most of that rain should stay just to our south. but watch out for ponding on the roadways. the roads not good with all those potholes out there. i've run into a little bit of isolated flooding in some of the poor drainage areas. here's what else we're running into fog. look at the visibility a third of a mile over towards annapolis, frederick, and an eighth of a mile in gaithersburg. we have a dense fog advisory in effect for just about everybody in our region right through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. heads up early tomorrow morning, this fog could get very thick,
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visibility close to zero at times. you can see the rain across our region now. but starting to dry out just a bit, by 5:00 a.m. most of us dry just dealing with the fog still shower activity down towards the east. then another wave rides up along the front. we could see that even around d.c. by noon. should stay to the south of 66 south of 50 quantico cullpepper you may see some rain during the day tomorrow. once again, take that umbrella with you. tomorrow afternoon, though wow, what a change. if this moves out fast enough we see the sunshine. look where the temperatures go. up to 64 tomorrow with a 30% chance of morning showers then 56 on thursday. plenty of sunshine. then we look at another storm coming up late friday into the day on saturday that one could be another wet one, upwards to a half inch of rain during the day on saturday rainy saturday for sure. not too bad.
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temperatures stay at least in the 50s sunday monday and tuesday. so my news is maybe bad but not nearly as bad -- >> no this is good. all about the numbers. >> we like it. >> thank you. >> wild day in
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live . phone calls, tweets and e-mails. >> yeah my head spins, right? it was busy. i heard some not true rumors out of -- >> drew brees. >> he kept asking about drew brees. >> they are not true rumors? >> let's get off twitter.
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quiet day for people around here though. the redskins they were you know i don't know they just didn't do a lot. we were expecting a splash and we didn't get it. we did get a defend able lineman in steven piatte. row helu jr. is heading home. helu and good-bye. according to multiple reports he's raiders. he grew up about 20 miles away. a fourth round draft pick in 2011 he was a backup and had injuries. meanwhile, brian orakpo is getting out of town for a scheduled visit to chat with the titans. he says he'll good to arizona as well. redskins and cardinals and titans all lined up. he has six nfl season but he's missed 24 games due to injuries. here's a look at some of the
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biggest moves. quarterback darrelle revis, did you guys hear this? he's returning to his nfl career signed a huge deal with the jets. jimmy graham what? traded by the saints to the seahawks. russell wilson's dancing for center max unger and some pick. in the nfc east eagles picked up sam bradford while sending nick foles to the rams. things that make you go hmm. spring training continues. nats take on the brave. usually that's enough to pique some interest. it read scherzer versus stanton, half billion dollar matchup. that's how much it cost those two. the $210 million man with his second start of the spring take on azune na here. but then he catches that $325 million man, that big fish. stanton. one run allowed for scherzer. bottom nine now, tied at 1 and
11:27 pm
dietrich he's going deep. this gives the marlins the victory. but after retiring stanton twice in the game scherzer is the one that feels like the winner. >> it's really fun competing against guys like that. that's who you measure yourself up against. you don't measure yourself up against the worst. you actually measure yourself against the best. so those are your. >> to hoops. it's getting hot in here. first round of the acc tournament. buzz williams and virginia tech taking on wake forest. two minutes ago, jalen hudson a freshman seeing daylight and going down. two of his career high 32 points. tech up three. this went right to the end. we'll pick it up six seconds to go. and wake has the ball. and you see they shoot it. that's two. nothing. man, they were sitting there and they can't believe it. three chances, they couldn't get it in. virginia tech snaps a seven-game skid they'll play at miami in the second round tomorrow night. i've got to get some props and
11:28 pm
the dsa -- what is it dcsaa title game tonight. >> the dcsaa. >> oh yeah. they're talking about that.
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♪ don't let me down ♪ ♪ don't let me down ♪ >> he just earned a spot on team pharrell. and tonight paul pfau is moving on. he won his battle round bout
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against nashville native megan lindsey. pfau's from meyersville. he had vocal cord surgery just last year. he's
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin hart. jay baruchel.


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